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A lasting gift for a healthier future

Leave a bequestBy leaving a bequest to Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute you are helping us reduce death and disability from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and related disorders; two prevalent and complex diseases responsible for the most deaths and the highest costs in the world in terms of treatments and hospitalisation.

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Your bequest

It is often through their Wills that people are able to make a substantial gift. Your Will is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to an organisation or cause that is important to you.

If you, like us, feel passionate about improving the health of our community now and in the future, then please consider naming Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in your Will.

Types of bequests in your Will

By making a bequest to Baker IDI, you are supporting us in the fight against heart disease, stroke and diabetes and helping save thousands of lives.

A bequest is a gift or donation left in your Will. It may be:

  • A percentage of your estate.
  • A gift of a specific sum of money.
  • Assets; for example property shares.
  • The residual of your estate — what remains after all other bequests and family interests have been granted.

Your bequest can be made as a general or unrestricted gift or it can be directed towards a specific area of the Institute's work.

Priorities and requirements can change over time. This means that the most valuable gift to the Institute is the unrestricted bequest, as it allows us to direct the funds to the area of greatest need at the time when the gift is received. If you have a bequest intention towards a particular area of our work, please consider having a confidential discussion with us, to ensure that it is an enduring area of work to which your gift can eventually be applied.

How to include Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in your Will

To make a bequest to Baker IDI, the first step is to make a Will or alter your existing Will. Your solicitor can assist you in deciding which type of bequest would be most suitable, and in drafting or amending your Will.

If you would like further information about making a bequest to the Institute, or have made a bequest and would like to let us know, please contact:

Viv Talbot
Relationship Manager Bequests & Estates
T: (03) 8532 1513  (Tues Wed Thurs) 

Myra Woodley 
Future Giving Coordinator
T: (03) 8532 1120

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With the rising number of Australians affected by diabetes, heart disease and stroke, the need for research is more critical than ever.

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