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Product research provides an opportunity for our partners to differentiate their products and establish a competitive advantage by gaining evidence-based insights into their products.


Literature reviews, clinical trials and product testing can be conducted by the Institute to validate and innovate products by establishing, collecting and analysing scientific evidence around these products.


Name of partner: Elevate Technologies
Online Health Portfolio - Literature review and development of trial protocol

Elevate Technologies (Elevate) is an Australian-based company that developed the Online Health Portfolio (OHP). This is an online tool that in broad terms allows users to document and share their health data. It is primarily focused on improving the effectiveness of diabetes management.

Seeking to quantify the measurable health benefits delivered to patients with diabetes who use the OHP, Elevate engaged Baker IDI to undertake a comprehensive literature review and develop a clinical trial protocol to measure this outcome. Our team in the Specialist Diabetes Clinic drew upon their combined expert research skills and clinical experience to deliver the trial protocol to Elevate in mid-2013.

Name of partner: homyped®
‘Homyped® Diabetes Footcare'- Product development and testing for a shoe range

Homyped® is an innovative foot care company that is renowned for providing consumers shoes that offer style, comfort and support. In recognising the importance of foot care for people with Diabetes, homyped approached Baker IDI with a vision to develop a diabetes specific range of shoes for their brand.

The Diabetes Footcare range, commenced as a collaborative development effort. A foot complications expert at Baker IDI worked with the homyped product development department to develop and test a custom sole, and incorporate practical features into the shoe that would help protect those with diabetes from avoidable foot complications. The review and development of this range continues, with homyped and Baker IDI committed to working together to create shoes that reduce the chance of developing pressure, rubbing and abrasion-related sores.

Homyped promote this arrangement with Baker IDI through the placement of the Baker IDI trademark on all promotional material relating to their Diabetes Footcare range of shoes. In return, Baker IDI receives a percentage of sales of these products to support medical research conducted at the Institute.

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With the rising number of Australians affected by diabetes, heart disease and stroke, the need for research is more critical than ever.

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