Baker IDI South Australia

South Australian Health Minister John Hill's check up in the Healthy Heart van

Baker IDI in South Australia

Baker IDI has had links into South Australia for a number of years. 


Our senior Baker IDI South Australia staff members are:  

Professor Simon Stewart has been with Baker IDI since 2006. Professor Stewart and his family are long-standing residents of Adelaide. Professor Stewart completed his clinical research training at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the University of Adelaide as well as establishing the world-first appointment of National Heart Foundation Chair of Cardiovascular Nursing at the University of South Australia. While continuing his role as Head of Preventative Cardiology and a large research group in Melbourne, the new Adelaide office will give him the chance to base more of his work in South Australia while coordinating  a portfolio of research programs nationally and internationally.

Professor Peter Clifton joined Baker IDI in July 2009.  Peter's primary research interest is in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and its risk antecedents, obesity and diabetes, by dietary means.

Baker IDI Research and Programs in South Australia

Baker IDI SA Collaborations

  • UniSA
  • University of Adelaide
  • Flinders University


Contact Baker IDI in South Australia


C/- University of South Australia

Level 5, Playford Building.

Corner of Frome Road and North Terrace

Adelaide SA 5000


   Tel:  08 8462 9707