By engaging Baker IDI in the development of health related publications, our partners and audiences of these publications, can be assured that they will contain up to date, relevant and accurate information and backing from a highly reputable scientific organisation.



Name of partner: Penguin Books Australia
‘Diet and Lifestyle Plan' book series - The production of books by Baker IDI experts providing tips, strategies and recipes for people with specific health conditions

Penguin Books Australia has had a presence in the publishing space since 1935, and has grown to become a multinational force in publishing, and home to some of Australia's bestselling and award-winning writers and illustrators.

The ‘Diabetes Diet and Lifestyle Plan', a comprehensive resource to support a healthy lifestyle, was a first time collaboration between Penguin, CSIRO and Baker IDI. Covering every aspect of diabetes prevention and control, this book has allowed internationally-renowned Australian researchers and clinicians to communicate effective strategies and tools for preventing and controlling diabetes to people at risk of, and those living with, the condition. A best-seller, the book provides practical diets and recipes, exercise programs and checklists for diabetes control. In response to demand, the companion ‘Diabetes Recipe Book' was released in September 2013, providing the community with more recipes to lead a healthier lifestyle and to assist people to effectively manage their diabetes.

Baker IDI has built upon its partnership with Penguin with the release of ‘The Baker IDI Blood Pressure Diet and Lifestyle Plan' in February 2014. Targeting those with, or at risk of, high blood pressure, the book provides practical diets and recipes, exercise programs and checklists for good blood pressure management.

The ongoing collaboration between Baker IDI and Penguin demonstrates how the translation of scientific research can have a wide reaching within the community and contribute to better health.


Name of partner: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia
‘Out of Sight: a report into diabetic eye disease in Australia' - Report to improve understanding of diabetes' complications in Australia

Written in conjunction with the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), and sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia, ‘Out of Sight: a report into diabetic eye disease in Australia' was released in September 2013. It sought to provide a better understanding of diabetic eye disease in Australia, particularly its prevalence, impact and potential options to improve treatment. ‘Out of Sight' received extensive media coverage which has helped to promote a key message of the report; the need for regular eye testing of individuals with diabetes.

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