Brand & Marketing Partnerships

Our brand and marketing partnerships look to create mutually beneficial associations with products or services that support our vital research and assist the health promotion goals of the Institute.


There are many products and services in the community that can assist those looking to prevent or manage heart disease and diabetes, however the community's understanding of what is beneficial and their ability to understand what is real and what is just clever marketing could be improved. Baker IDI partner with industry and their products to help accurately communicate the positive benefits and help consumers make better choices.


Name of Partner: BUPA Australia
‘Living with Diabetes: Making lifestyle changes to last a lifetime' - Expert review of publication content

Baker IDI's expert team of researchers and clinicians provide a pool of knowledge that can easily be drawn upon to assist in the development and review of organisational publications, thereby ensuring that the information given to a group's customers is accurate and current.

Bupa Australia's Health Dialog services provide telephone health coaching and healthcare decision support programs. They need high quality content to assist their members in making positive changes to their health. To assist in the review of their clinical content, Bupa engaged Baker IDI. Drawing on Professor Paul Zimmet and staff at the Specialist Diabetes Clinic, Baker IDI promptly evaluated content Health Dialog use to assist people with diabetes, and assisted Bupa in the services provided to their clients. 

Name of partner: Kraft Foods Australia
‘Kraft Live Active Cheese' - Marketing support for a product launch

Baker IDI's vast knowledge lends itself to supporting industry by developing new products and market existing products accurately and safely.

Kraft Foods is Australia's fastest growing food company and when Kraft developed the Live Active cholesterol reducing cheese range, input from the Institute's Professor Peter Clifton was sought. The Live Active range became the first cholesterol lowering cheese in the Australian market.

Baker IDI and Professor Clifton (Head - Nutritional Intervention Laboratory) were further engaged by Kraft Foods Ltd to oversee the development of all marketing materials and supporting literature relating to this new cheese as well as providing on-going support and consultancy to Kraft to explain this innovative break-through product to the community and media enquiries. Baker IDI ensured that all communications relating to the cheese were scientifically accurate, which allowed Kraft to have confidence in the credibility of the information they where providing consumers throughout the launch of this new product.