International Projects

Baker IDI has institutional collaborations for diabetes and heart disease development projects in Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji and Vietnam, and further international collaborations are planned. This work highlights our commitment to addressing the problems of diabetes and heart disease wherever they exist and reflects our understanding that these chronic health conditions are on the rise in developing nations.

We have an unparalleled opportunity to make an important contribution to the worst public health epidemic the world has ever known. No other organisation has such breadth of experience and resources so finely matched to disease focus. As we apply our knowledge to prevention, we will witness an incremental improvement in general health. Those increments will, in less than a generation, change the lives of families and communities.

It is our human health objective to mitigate the rise in deaths and disability from diabetes, metabolic disease, obesity and their endgame, heart disease. We will meet that objective in a range of ways that ultimately provide new discoveries to inform the health system. At one end of the continuum is basic research to provide a critical piece in the jigsaw of understanding these diseases and how they develop and manifest.  At the other end of the research spectrum is the development of practical but innovative programs for the health system and new treatments to complement them.

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