The Organisation

A snapshot of the Institute

- Rebecca Ritchie's Lab 

> A medical research institute focused on cardiovascular disease (including stroke and hypertension), diabetes, obesity and their complications, such as kidney disease

> A long and distinguished history. The Institute will celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2016.

> Research agenda spans birth to end-of-life health (including maternal health, indigenous and gestational health, subclinical organ damage, heart failure and terminal disease) 

> Headquartered in Melbourne, with a research facility in Alice Springs 

> Key player in research, translation, education, advocacy and health promotion 

> A staff base of more than 650 (including students, honorary staff and visiting academics)

> Senior staff on a broad range of government advisory boards; from health and wellbeing to science and innovation

> Collaborations with many leading international research groups 

> Committed to a range of international projects that aim to assist vulnerable communities around the world

> Funded through a diverse range of sources including competitive grants, Federal and State Governments, service and clinical income, and philanthropic support 

> Commercial subsidies include early phase trials facility, Nucleus Network