Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute is an independent, internationally renowned medical research facility. Our work extends from the laboratory to wide-scale community studies with a focus on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Improving the health of Australians

Help us save lives today

Support the development of a more sophisticated approach to testing for the early signs of heart disease.
Support medical research

What's the Fuss?

What's the fuss about the Medical Research Future Fund?

Heart attacks can strike fit athletes

Head of Sports Cardiology, A/Prof. Andre La Gerche says exercise is still one of the best medicines when it comes to preventing heart disease. It just doesn’t make us immune.

Imagine the next 10 years

Imagine if we could provide specific, evidence-based physical activity guidelines to help people manage type 2 diabetes, PhD student, Paddy Dempsey, is working towards that goal.
Rise & Recharge

Regular movement can reduce chronic disease risks

Rise & Recharge
Australian Cardiovascular Alliance

Australian Cardiovascular Alliance

Australian cardiovascular specialists are warning against apathy toward CVD research in light of an apparent ‘disease fatigue’ that has robbed the sector of funding momentum.
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Our Research

Celebrating 90 years

A snapshot of people, papers and breakthroughs since the institute was established in 1926.

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Diabetic Complications

Our Research

Baker IDI's Research

Baker IDI's research is based on the notion of a disease continuum from birth to death, with the aim of treating, managing and preventing disease at any stage.

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Baker IDI Plasmalogen study

Plasmalogen study

We are looking for participants to help evaluate the effect of Alkylglycerol supplementation and the protective role plasmalogens (lipids) play in cardiovascular disease.


The Brain Breaks study

Researchers are looking for healthy people aged between 55-80 with a BMI between 25 and 40 (kg/m2 ).

Liver fat trial

Participants are needed to support a study into the relationship between levels of liver fat and activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

Participants with major depressive disorders needed

We are looking for volunteers with a major depressive disorder to participate in clinical research.

Baker IDI Sleep Apnoea study

Sleep study

We are looking for volunteers who are overweight/obese, to identify the best screening methods for a very common sleep disorder called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).


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